06 Jul

Book Review: Why Babywearing Matters, by Rosie Knowles

For such a small book, Why Babywearing Matters is an absolutely comprehensive guide to carrying your baby. It is intelligently written, with a solid set of arguments for the biological, psychological, and social importance of babywearing.

Rosie Knowles begins with the theory: how carrying has evolved, and how it has re-emerged as a coping skill in modern times. She outlines the benefits of carrying for the individual baby, for parents, and even extrapolates to society as a whole. She cites studies that demonstrate both that carrying is biologically normal for a newborn baby, and that closeness facilitates healthy neurological development, reduced stress, bonding and healing.

The ensuing chapters give practical information about different types of carriers, how and when to use them, safety, and where to get support.

This is another useful book from the Why It Matters series, and I would strongly recommend it to doulas and sling consultants, as well as expectant and new parents.

[Disclosure: I was given a free review copy, by the publishers Pinter & Martin. For 10% off, use the code SPROGCAST at the checkout].