30 Sep

Baby Weight Charts

A couple of weeks ago, The Times reported that the UK baby weight charts were “skewed to promote breastfeeding.” The Times article is behind a paywall, but I picked up on it on another website. According to these reports, using weight charts based on exclusively breastfed babies will make formula fed babies seem to be overweight; the overall impression was a rather paranoid assumption that this was being done in order to make mothers breastfeed. Read More

19 Sep

Book Review: Theo Gallas Always Gets Her Man, by Kristen Panzer

Theo Gallas Always Gets Her Man – Kristen Panzer

This was a free download, in which a trainee lactation consultant juggles family, a neighbourhood mystery, and voluntary breastfeeding support of an unusually medicalised nature. It is not clear how or when she does her training, but she shares her knowledge readily and always carries a pair of latex gloves with her with which to do a quick mouth exam (not something a fully qualified and experienced NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor is likely to do). Read More

10 Sep

Research finds commercial baby foods lack nutrients

Researchers from the department of human nutrition at the University of Glasgow have published a study on commercial baby foods, as reported in The Guardian today. Author Charlotte White then appeared on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour to talk about the findings of the study. The piece made good listening, with points made about not introducing solids too early and displacing milk, which is more nutrient dense than solid food; and there being no need at all for follow-on formula. It would have been nice to hear a bit more about baby-led weaning, which is a great option if parents want to take it very slowly and are relaxed about how much food baby actually takes.