02 Oct

Book Review: Baby-Led Parenting, by Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett

From start to finish, this book is thoroughly useful. I loved its measured tone and empowering language, and its clear explanations of how babies’ behaviour has evolved to meet their basic survival needs.

It is clearly divided into chapters along the main themes of meeting baby, feeding, sleep etc: those crucial subjects for a new parent. Particular highlights include p65 on the father’s role during a babymoon period, the excellent baby-centred advice around bottle feeding, and the long list of suggestions to soothe a crying baby.

Throughout, and especially in the chapter on communication, Rapley & Murkett encourage new parents to develop empathy with the baby’s point of view, as well as reassuring them that responding promptly and positively to a newborn’s needs will foster independence, security, and a strong bond between parent and child.

If I had to come up with a criticism, it would be that a glossier, more colourful book, might have wider appeal with new parents. But this really is a positive book full of well-evidenced, practical information, from authors who are well-respected authorities in their field.