01 Mar

Comfort Milk

In the last few days we have been hearing news of a shortage of Cow & Gate Comfort Milk and Aptamil Comfort Milk. Danone, the owner of both brands, is reported to have run out of an important ingredient, maize starch, which is a corn-based thickener.

Parents use Comfort Milk for babies who are colicky, have wind, or are prone to possetting (bringing up a little milk after feeds). These are also symptoms of lactose intolerance, as described on this NHS website.

Comfort Milk, according to their website, is “Specially developed with reduced lactose to assist with the dietary management of colic and constipation, keeping your baby more comfortable and giving you a helping hand when it comes to maintaining your little one’s health.” If your baby is constipated, it would be advisable to talk to your GP or Health Visitor.

Packets of Comfort Milk are currently going on eBay for huge sums, to parents desperate to give their baby their usual milk. If your baby usually has a Comfort Milk, and you are unable to get hold of it, you can give any other suitable formula milk instead; switching brands will not harm your baby. All infant formula is made to a set government standard, within very narrow guidelines, and therefore all brands have the same nutritional content. If your baby is under six months, it is important to give milk that is suitable for newborns. Follow-on milk can be used for babies over six months, but is nutritionally unnecessary, and you can continue giving first milk if you wish.

First Steps Nutrition has a good document about different types of milk.

NHS has a step-by-step guide to making up a bottle of formula safely and hygienically.

If you are worried about your baby, you can talk to an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor on 0300 330 0700

Lots of supportive information about bottlefeeding can be found on our sister website.