15 Oct

Book Review: Whoosh! by Katie Brooke

This is an appealing little book, chunky and colourful, with some useful informatoin tucked into its bright pages. It might be intended as a way for a woman to tell her partner she’s pregnant, or to share some basic ideas about how the partner might support her in labour. Full of sweet cartoons, this would also be a great format to tell a child about a sibling on the way (or how about one for grandparents; I foresee a whole range of these!).

I liked the spaces for personalisation and can imagine a couple filling it in together; what a nice way to think about birth planning. I felt it could benefit from a little more substance to make it more of a handy pocket guide, but there is no denying its cuteness.

You can get your copy of Whoosh! from the publisher Pinter & Martin, currently priced at £9.99. Disclosure: they sent me a free copy.