22 Oct

Book Review: Fit To Bust, by Alison Blenkinsop

Fit To Bust is something of a jocular memoir about breastfeeding, full of historical fact, amusing anecdote, and “songs,” which are basically re-written lyrics to popular tunes. I particularly like Mammary, to the tune of Memory from Cats (p77).

I have had a few opportunities to flick through it before, but never owned my own copy until I came home one day to find that the postie had brought me a copy signed by the author. Apparently it was sent by my grandmother-in-law, a woman not known for her enthusiasm about breastfeeding, which of course makes this random gesture all the sweeter.

For a comical book, Fit To Bust is pretty thorough, and pleasingly well-referenced, and I would recommend it for readers who are interested in the social and historical context of breastfeeding. It does give some great how-to information as well as some practical strategies for various common challenges; but the main purpose of this book is as a celebration of breastfeeding in all its diverse glory. Blenkinsop’s depth of knowledge and enthusiastic passion shine through. It’s a fascinating book to dip into, and with her musical bent, I’m sure the author won’t mind if I conclude that she may be preaching to the choir. The choir is loving it.

Proceeds from Fit To Bust go to support the excellent Baby Milk Action.