03 Mar

Thanks Karen

Karen came to see us a few times after my little boy was born. She was always very calm and reassuring, she made me a cup of tea and listened to me when I wanted to talk about everything that had happened in the last few days. Then after I fed my son he would go to sleep on her, and I’d have a nap! Wonderful.

13 Feb

“I knew I only wanted her as my doula.”

After a difficult, highly medically intervened birth with my first son, I wanted a different experience and had read that Doulas have a high success rate in low intervention births.

I knew Karen after the birth of my first child as she had supported me with breast feeding issues. We have stayed in contact and I knew I only wanted her as my doula.

Karen was there throughout, offering calm and rational support to me and my partner. She reminded me that I didn’t want an epidural and timed and monitored all of my contractions as I never made it to the delivery suite I was not really monitored by NHS medical staff. I think if Karen hadn’t been there, there would have been more supervision and intervention by the ‘professionals’

Immediately after giving birth, Karen helped to get my baby onto my breast, but then she stepped back and let me and my partner enjoy our first few moments with our new baby.
Karen seems to have a sixth sense about when we needed her.

I found my labour to be a much calmer experience where I genuinely felt in control.

Karen is one of the calmest people I have ever met which is why I wanted her at the birth of my second child, She is also an experienced post natal doula and breast feeding counsellor so I knew she could meet a variety of mine and my families needs.
She has a professional but warm approach and I felt completely comfortable around her from the first day I met her. She has a very gentle approach to children and we share many values and beliefs around families which I think helps, but I also know she is not judgemental in any way.

– Helen, December 2014

17 Oct

Thanks Karen

I employed Karen to give me space and a chance to get a rest after my baby was born, so that I could cope with other things going on in my family. When we had a really bad night, I could cope because I knew Karen would be here in the morning and I could go and sleep while she looked after my little girl. Usually I found that she had also managed to clear up the kitchen and do the ironing as well! She also knitted us a beautiful blanket which we will treasure.
~new mum, July 2014

04 Aug

Thanks Karen, from Grace

I met Karen through my NCT course, so when feeling overwhelmed in the early hours of our first night at home with our baby, she was the first person I considered contacting. Karen assisted me in finding ways to breastfeed my baby despite being in discomfort after the birth. I also found it helpful to talk through my birth experience with someone over a cup of tea. Karen was very reassuring in the first few days too and assisted in building my confidence.

24 May

Thanks Karen!

I first contacted Karen in the middle of the night, and had a reply before the morning followed by a long phone call about breastfeeding. We felt like we didn’t know what we were doing, but after she had visited we were so much calmer and more confident. She showed us how to bath our little girl, and change the nappy. It was nice to have her support.

20 Apr

Thanks Karen!

We asked Karen to help because as new parents we were very anxious with our new baby and wanted someone calm and reassuring around. She was very happy to help around the house, and changed many, many nappies! She is a good listener, and it was great to have her around while I was isolated in the house after my caesarean.