Bottlefeeding Support Workshop

This is a one-to-one session, designed to help parents who have made the decision to bottle-feed their baby. The exact contents of the session will vary according to your needs, but we are likely to cover formula feeding, expressing, routines and demand feeding, and bonding with your bottle-fed baby. There will be an opportunity to debrief your feeding experiences so far. Your decisions won’t be judged or criticised.

Karen is an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor with seven years’ experience of running antenatal breastfeeding sessions and supporting new parents as they make feeding decisions in those challenging first few weeks. She has a wide range of knowledge, plenty of resources, and a friendly supportive facilitation style.

The workshop is suitable for new parents and pregnant couples in the third trimester of pregnancy, and fathers-to-be or other supporting partners are very welcome to join! It usually lasts around one hour, and is free of charge.

Planned dates:
please contact to discuss a date to suit you.