Birth Doula

Karen was there throughout, offering calm and rational support to me and my partner… I think if Karen hadn’t been there, there would have been more supervision and intervention by the ‘professionals’

Immediately after giving birth, Karen helped to get my baby onto my breast, but then she stepped back and let me and my partner enjoy our first few moments with our new baby.
Karen seems to have a sixth sense about when we needed her.
– Helen, December 2014


Fees Rate When to pay
On call period £10 per day On signing contract
Antenatal visits (2 hours) £30 each On signing contract
Birth £200 At start of on call period
Telephone/text/email support before and after birth No charge
Postnatal visits £15 per hour (no mileage charge) Invoiced after visits
Mileage (home to RBH = 12 miles round trip) 40p per mile After the birth
Parking/other expense As required After the birth

A retainer consisting of the costs for antenatal visits and the on call period is required upon signing the contract, and the birth fee will become due at the start of the on call period. Any expenses and the postnatal visit will be invoiced afterwards.