Breastpump Hire

Karen is an agent for Ardo Breastpump hire and has two hospital-grade Ardo Elite pumps for hire. Please use the contact form on the right to arrange hire.

Mothers express milk for lots of reasons, including to relieve engorgement, to stimulate milk production, if she needs to spend time away from her baby or baby is in special care, or if her baby cannot latch on and breastfeed directly.

The Ardo Elite breastpump is a closed system, protecting both the milk and the pump from contamination. It can be rented with a single collection set, or for double pumping with a pair of collection sets. Each collection set is provided new and in a sealed bag, but will need to be sterilised before use.

Initial hire 14 days
Single pumpset £29.70
Double pumpset £39.60

Continuation rate
– After the initial 14 day hire continuations will be taken at £9.90 for every 7 days of additional hire.