Breastfeeding Support

As an NCT-trained Breastfeeding Counsellor, I offer breastfeeding support free of charge to all new parents. I can be contacted using the form on the right, and most Wednesdays at Wokingham NCT Bumps & Babies Group.

Breastpump Hire.

National Helpline Numbers.

Face to face support in and around Wokingham.

3 keys to successful breastfeeding

Feed early: Your baby is born with reflexes that help him/her to attach at the breast

Feed frequently: Frequent, small feeds are normal in the early days. A newborn baby has a stomach capacity of 5-7ml

Feed effectively: Responding to your baby’s hunger signs helps to establish your milk supply. If your baby is correctly positioned at the breast, you should feel no pain. You can monitor nappy contents to check your baby is feeding well