05 Dec

Book Review: Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean: The VBAC Handbook, by Helen Churchill and Wendy Savage, is a neat little book absolutely packed with useful information for mothers considering a VBAC, and those supporting them.

It is worth reading just for its forthright introduction explaining exactly why the authors choose not to adopt the tentative and controlling jargon often used by health professionals. The careful use of language in the book is in itself empowering.

Reading this book, I learned that 70-80% of VBACs are successful; that the risk of VBAC is lower than the risk of a planned Caesarean; and that the reasons commonly given not to “try” to have a VBAC do not appear to be evidenced across the board. Even the section dealing with higher risk groups shows that in most cases a VBAC can be possible.

The second part of the book includes several VBAC stories, not all of which were successful; however the stories demonstrate and affirm the wide range of experience even within this segment of birth and labour.

This is a useful and succinct guide, and I highly recommend it.

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